"Welcome," Was the first thing I heard.

I was about to sleep, when I heard the voice. It called to me, asking if I wanted to join. I didn't want to, yet I felt as though I had no choice. So, I went.

I left what used to be the inn I was visiting. Now, it looked more like... a cave? I wasn't entirely aware of what was going on. It was as though my mind was only focused on finding the source of the voice.

After walking through an odd environment for what seemed like days, I came across a small house. For some reason, I knew what I was looking for was there. So I decided to enter.

When I did, I heard this:

"It's about time."

I was greeted by a woman of unimaginable beauty. However, her husband was hideous. A disgusting creature, to say the least. It filled me with a burning hatred. But, I had manners.

They treated me with the woman's finest cooking. However, I was uncomfortable throughout the whole meal. I stared at the husband the whole time. Luckily, it- he- didn't seem to notice.

After dinner, the wife directed me to a bedroom. Filled with the food, and the shame of staring at her husband, I quickly entered. When I did, the wife told me something.

"If you wish to be my future husband, kill my present one. I have no use for him."

With a combination of the hatred to the man and love for the woman, I listened. I waited until the creature was asleep, then I stabbed it. I was then greeted by the woman. "I welcome you into my life," she said.

At that point, I began to transform. I was changing into the very thing I killed.

I then awoke, mysteriously, in my home. I thought I had never slept.

I met my girlfriend on that day. For some reason, she looks just like the woman from my dream.